Salawat Tafrijiyah (Salawat Nariyah)

O Allah! Bestow complete blessings and perfect peace on Sayyidina Muhammad and for his sake may all our difficulties be removed, all calamities and agonies prevented; all needs fulfilled; all our cherished desires obtained; and a felicitous end to earthly life attained (with Imaan); and (give us) rain-showering clouds through the generous countenance of the Prophet, and (bestow blessings and peace as well) on his family and companions in every moment and every breath, as many times as is in Your Knowledge (that is unlimited blessings).


If read 41 times after fajr prayer will be successful with all the intentions in their heart and Allah will eliminate all the bad and  facilitate all of lifes affairs.

If read 313 times A miraculous thing will open or open secrets from the ghaib-unseen.

If read 4444 times will reach all his goals and the intention in this world and hereafter and open all doors of goodness To be read 4444 and dua made for ones intention for reading it.

If read 1000 times then for him (will obtain) what was not possible by human kind and will obtain what not had been seen by the eyes, nor had been heard by ears and not had crossed in the heart” of humankind.”

A saalik-(traveller on the spiritual path) is recommended to recite this salawat 4444 times in his lifetime


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  1. January 29, 2010 at 1:59 am

    […] Qur’anic Suras to be read for the dead, and I noticed that at the end of the book was the Salaat Naariyya, aka Salaat Tafrijiyya, of shaykh Abd al-Wahhab at-Tazi, the shaykh of sayyidi Ahmad ibn Idris. […]

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